Many doubt the authenticity of the Bible and its divine origin, yet there is countless undisputable evidence of its inspired origin.

Did you know that the Bible, the Book of books, is the most widely distributed book in the world? It is a library that is composed of 66 books in which 40 authors participated in its writing over a time span of 1600 years. Having said this, there are no contradictions found because it was inspired by God.

Did you know that archeological excavations confirm the historical veracity of the Bible? 2500 places mentioned in the Bible have been discovered by archeologists. Cities like Babylon, Lachish, Hazer, Nineveh, and others along with palaces and artifacts have been uncovered, like the Ivory Palace of King Ahab. God has proven the authenticity of His word as seen in discoveries such as the Dead Sea Scroll, the Chester BeattyCodex, and others. Complete libraries have also been found.

Did you know that the Bible has more than 2300 prophecies about people, empires, nations and events that give us a view of the past, the present and the future? Furthermore, information that has been discovered at a later date have been mentioned on subjects such as, science about the Earth, space, health (contrary to beliefs in the times they were written). Also a prophetic view into future inventions such as aircrafts and automobiles are mentioned. References to the time in which we are living is interesting.

Did you know that because of three words mentioned in a Bible prophecy, Hitler lost the war? These words were written 2600 years ago during Nebuchadnezzar ´s reign in the time of Daniel the prophet. In the prophecies in the Book of Daniel, four empires are presented in sequence, along with their characteristics, as well as the future of Europe.

Did you know that the Bible uses symbols to describe events, empires and the division of kingdoms using Keys? The Bible unravels these keys. To know more go to:

Did you know that the book of Revelation presents prophetic chains describing the ecclesiastical and political history of the last 2000 years? With mathematical exactness, it presents surprising events. You can know the four horsemen of the book of Revelation, the antichrist 666, the United States in the prophecy, how to identify the church of God and modern Babylon.

Did you know there are 10 ways you can know Jesus Christ? You can know Him through history, prophecies, symbols and so on. Did you know that the rituals, ceremonies and feasts of the tabernacle in the wilderness point forward to Jesus Christ and the gospel?

Did you know that God has the solution to your problems? He invites you to trust in Him, to find true inner peace and the pathway to eternal life.

You can request a pamphlet that expands on these points mentioned and also available is a free bible course entitled, “At the Feet of Jesus” that contains 31 lessons in 3 levels. It presents the main truths of the scriptures, prophecies, and God´s plan to save humanity. The Bible is explained by the Bible and is proven true when compared with history.

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