Day 1
Keys to good health

Day 1
Main Medicine in the Midst of the pandemic

Day 2
The Incredible benefits of Water as a Therapy

Day 2
How to Deal with Quarantine Stress

Day 3
The Importance of Clean air | How to Overcome Alcoholism

Day 4
The Rejuvenating Effect of Rest

Day 4
How to Be Freed from Drug Abuse

Day 5
Health and Cooking | How to be Happy with Your Partner

Day 6
Physical Exercise and its influence throughout the body | The Best Solution: Divorce or Reconciliation

Day 7
The Danger of Excesses and the Importance of Temperance | How to Help my Teen

Day 8
The Importance of Sunlight in Good Health

Day 8
How to Choose the Ideal Spouse

Day 9
The Influence of the Mind on the Body | The Young Winner

Day 10
How to Cure Acidity Naturally | How to Get Rid of Guilt

Day 11
How to Cure Constipation | Why is there so much injustice in this world?

Day 12
Therapy to strengthen the Immune System | How to Stop Worrying About Everything

Day 13
Cancer Prophylaxis I | The Ultimate Fate of the Nations

Day 14
Cancer Prophylaxis II | What will the World be Like After the Pandemic

Day 15
How to Lose Weight Naturally | An Adventure in Bible Prophecy

Day 16
How to Cure Diabetes | Hope in the Midst of Chaos

Day 17
Controlling Hypertension | 7 Love Letters

Day 18
Before the Great Throne of Revelation | How to Remove Kidney Stones

Day 19
The 7 Seals of Revelation | Relieving my Pains

Day 20
The Most Feared and Awaited Day of Revelation | How to Lower Cholesterol

Day 21
The Path of Hope in Revelation | Preventing Heart Attacks

Day 22
The Unmasked Dragon | Preventing Heart Attacks

Day 23
The Antichrist and 666 | How to Reduce Leg Swelling

Day 24
United States in Revelation | Healing the Flu Naturally

Day 25
The Seal of God in Revelation | How to Alleviate Throat Inflammation

Day 26
Characteristics of the Triumphant People According to Revelation

Day 27
The Ark of the Covenant in Revelation | Cure for Bronchial Asthma

Day 28
Is there Communication with the Afterlife? | How to Remove Ear Infections

Day 29
The Hour of God’s Judgment has Come | How to Remove Stains on Your Hands

Day 30
The Seven Plagues of Revelation | How to Deal with Osteoporosis

Day 31
The Devil’s Vacation According to Revelation | Tips for Menopause

Day 32
The Beautiful Promises of Revelation | How to Cleanse and Cure the Liver

Day 33
Reaching the Desire for Change | The Harmful Effect of Caffeine

Day 34
Peace and Harmony with God | The Harmful Effect of Spicy Foods

Day 35
A Law of No Value | How to Deal with Insomnia

Day 36
An Oasis in the Desert of Life | How to Care for your Skin Naturally

Day 37
The Two Dimensions of Love | Treatments for Juvenile Acne

Day 38
Freed from Hidden Powers | Anemia, Its Causes, Its Cures

Day 39
God’s Laundry | How to make good bread

Day 40
Preparation for End Times | Sugar- A Secret Killer

Day 41
The Importance of an Early Decision

Day 42
True and False Prophets | Treating Worn-Out Joint

Day 43
The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the Gift of Tongues

Day 44
Seven Keys to a Healthy Life

Day 45
The Joy of living to Serve

Day 46
The Imminent Danger of Big Cities

Day 47
True Beauty

Day 48
The Secret to Success

Day 49
The Tithes and Offerings

Day 50
Don’t Let Anyone Take your Crown