Day 1
Keys to good health

Day 1
Main Medicine in the Midst of the pandemic

Day 2
The Incredible benefits of Water as a Therapy

Day 2
How to Deal with Quarantine Stress

Day 3
The Importance of Clean air | How to Overcome Alcoholism

Day 4
The Rejuvenating Effect of Rest

Day 4
How to Be Freed from Drug Abuse

Day 5
Health and Cooking | How to be Happy with Your Partner

Day 6
Physical Exercise and its influence throughout the body | The Best Solution: Divorce or Reconciliation

Day 7
The Danger of Excesses and the Importance of Temperance | How to Help my Teen

Day 8
The Importance of Sunlight in Good Health

Day 8
How to Choose the Ideal Spouse

Day 9
The Influence of the Mind on the Body | The Young Winner

Day 10
How to Cure Acidity Naturally | How to Get Rid of Guilt

Day 11
How to Cure Constipation | Why is there so much injustice in this world?

Day 12
Therapy to strengthen the Immune System | How to Stop Worrying About Everything

Day 13
Cancer Prophylaxis I | The Ultimate Fate of the Nations

Day 14
Cancer Prophylaxis II | What will the World be Like After the Pandemic

Day 15
How to Lose Weight Naturally | An Adventure in Bible Prophecy

Day 16
How to Cure Diabetes | Hope in the Midst of Chaos

Day 17
Controlling Hypertension | 7 Love Letters

Day 18
Before the Great Throne of Revelation | How to Remove Kidney Stones

Day 19
The 7 Seals of Revelation | Relieving my Pains

Day 20
The Most Feared and Awaited Day of Revelation | How to Lower Cholesterol

Day 21
The Path of Hope in Revelation | Preventing Heart Attacks

Day 22
The Unmasked Dragon | Preventing Heart Attacks

Day 23
The Antichrist and 666 | How to Reduce Leg Swelling

Day 24
United States in Revelation | Healing the Flu Naturally

Day 25
The Seal of God in Revelation | How to Alleviate Throat Inflammation

Day 26
Characteristics of the Triumphant People According to Revelation